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   Released in October 2016, "The Bus That Takes The Sad People Away" actually started being recorded in 2015 in the same rooms as 2014's "The Sun, the Moon, and the Truth". The process was interrupted in the spring of 2016 by Jaime and Jason's move to Preston, Lancashire. The house they moved into had a garage off to the side that they felt would be perfect for recording so they set about soundproofing it and setting up their studio. Once Jason started playing drums in the new space, they realised they should just start over from scratch, which they did in August of 2016. They spent two months recording ten tracks for the album. Two tunes - "Smile" and "Take You Down" - were then included from the 2015 sessions in Southport, making a total of twelve new songs.

     APRIL MOON's recording process for this album was the same for every song - Jason sitting at the drum kit with a vocal mic in front of his face, and Jaime sitting across from him with her guitar and another vocal mic. They would jam the songs in this fashion until it was time to hit the "Record" button. Many of their songs had a country feel to them this time around so Jason reached for brushes much of the time - resulting in a very soft, natural sound. Plenty of upbeat rocking songs fill out the disc however - even a bit of psychedelia sneaks into "I Like This Game".

     Martin "Tino" Keith has been APRIL MOON's bass player for live shows since 2013. Naturally he was their first choice to come into the studio when it was time to record "Original Face" - a song they had been playing live already and so wanted to retain the live feel. Playing as a three piece in the studio - drums, bass, and Jaime on guitar, was so enjoyable that they continued on and recorded another song demo that will probably make it's way onto the next disc.

     Jack Woods, lead guitarist for the band Karm and one of it's main writers, brought his Les Paul and his array of psychedelic guitar effects into the studio for the recording of "Take You Down" - giving the entire song a dreamy fantasy-like aura that draws the listener in and floats them right along.

   Released in July 2014, "The Sun, the Moon, and the Truth" contains a variety of song styles - rock, country, folk, funk - and eleven songs written by Jaime and Jason either separately or in collaboration with each other. The tunes were all written during the duo's first year of living and performing in the UK, and many of the lyrics reflect this life-changing experience. "My Lost Year", "Mr. Jones's Children" and of course "Southport" were all written about Jaime and Jason's adopted city and the people who live there.

     The fabulous Adrian Gautrey plays pedal steel on "My Lost Year" and "Love Song". In fact, "Love Song" was written by Jason the day before the session so that there would be something "countrified" for Adrian to play on. It was only because they nailed the song in two takes that they moved on and added pedal steel to "My Lost Year"
     Thom Farrell is a long time friend of Jaime and Jason and leads Blackpool's Ginger Dog Blues Band, where he plays multiple instruments. He was recruited to play banjo for Jaime's tune, "Jungle Drums".

   Jason wrote and recorded this album in 2004, singing and playing all the instruments himself. He went on to record albums with Bridges Of Light and Magic Trees before forming APRIL MOON in 2012.
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